Sunday, November 20, 2011

If you have a moment. . . I could use your help

So, as I have previously explained in this blog, I am committed to a poetry group, and we are going to take a show on the road in May.  But, unlike the other more prolific writers, I am the newbie, writing here and there, inconsistent at best (but passionate!).  We have a reading in Dec at the local mall. Oh, yes. It will be epic and you should come.  But, first I need to write, write, write and then I need to pick something to actually read.  The writing part is less intimidating, I mean I can write stuff if i sit down and do it. Whether is is good or bad though needs to be determined. My current challenge is figuring out what poems are worthy of performance.  This is where you come in.

I just wrote these poems this morning.  Let me know if one speaks to you. You don't even have to tell me why.  Just let me know so I can get a sense of what might be good material to further work on. And, if you don't like any of them do not worry. I will try to post more and maybe there will be something you do like down the line. 

Thanks for your help!
Write on!

Midnight Dance
It starts.
slow and fast
hard and soft
all at once
in time
without a moment's hesitation
anew and glorious
silver and gold
Another night of applause
effort expended and sweat perspired
costumes worn thin
showing bare threads
like spindles of muscle fiber
feet and ankles crack and pop
a chorus of aching joints pushed to their limit
Music plays inside the soul
melodies unravel stories to be danced
I hum and lull myself into the trance
in time
anew and glorious

Three months in
Three months in
I notice
a depression on my finger
a ring of commitment that lies pale underneath
the promise ring
even with the thin band
I notice
its weight on the tissue of my finger
daily impressions
wearing memories of our partnership
And this three months in
just three months
so powerful is love
and the promise of forever

Inside the skin
There is a grumble
something has changed
i notice the body behaving like
and intractable child
yelling at me in response to my abuse
waking me int he middle of the night
to scream and shout and cry
it can't be calmed
Inside the skin
inside the tissues
there is rebellion
I don't know when the demonstrations started
I don't know when the body first began talking back
Was it always shouting and I just never
stopped to listen?
Now like blown out speakers I can't shut out the
Powerful messages inside
the knots of my core
wondering when their cries will finally be heard

Other poems from former posts. Bugs. Another Garden Poem.


  1. Love. Especially the first two though, you really are a great writer! LookIng forward to more! Thanks for sharing,I am interested in writing especially because my boyfriend is a writer

  2. I really responded to Three Months In and Inside the Skin. The latter in particular because of my back surgery. I am now much more focused on listening to the talking within, and heeding its notices.

  3. Really enjoyed and related to Bugs. For me the dreaded bug is...ants. They are my nemesis and have been since I was a child. I have a phobia of such a teeny tiny thing, but they often arrive in such number. If I don't anticipate them... I spaz out, which then turns me murderous. So embarrassing!

  4. Three Months In! I lovelovelovelove that, Beth. so sweet and intimate without being over wordy :) Well played.