Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Things I Know to be True

I must give credit to my friend and fellow poet (also a Razor Babe)  Maggie Westland for this writing prompt, but I can't for the life of me remember where SHE got it. . .

I am traveling again and one bit of homework I have for myself it to write everyday. And, to kick it off I am posting my first entry here for your enjoyment!

5 Thing I know to be True (Prompt courtesy of Maggie Westland)

1.  The Interstate 5 is a dreadfully long and straight road that will put any lone driver into a trance that can not be fended off with any amount of caffeine, thus forcing the driver to take a car-nap in Kettleman City while strategically parked beside a small tree in the Jack in the Box parking lot.

2. Yesterday Megill & Company had its second annual Tournament Day (the games of which include Gaucho, Corners, Kings Cup and our newly created Colors of Summer) to celebrate summer, and I have decided that it really deserves its own Anthem.  And, flag. 

3.  Jonathon Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a great audiobook, but is still no match for I-5's ability zombify the lone driver.

4.  My fold-able, silver, Car Windshield Sunshade that I bought at the dollar store (for a dollar) is perhaps the best investment I have made in a while as it conveniently doubles up as a left arm protector when I fold it in half and pin it between my left knee and the car door in just the right position so that the afternoon sun is blocked from giving me a nasty sunburn.  Brilliant. (Bonus: As the sun continued to set, I was able to tuck a corner of the silver screen under my bra strap for total left side sun protection)

5.  The windmill field on I-580 (known as the 580 to we southern Californians) is the best part of driving to the bay area. It almost makes the monotony of I-5 worth it. Almost. 

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