Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Rogue Festival Picks 2013

So, going to a Fringe-type festival like the Rogue Festival Fresno can be overwhelming because there are so many options and everyone is pretty darn good at making their show sound like the best thing since sliced bread. So what is an audience member to do?

Well, this will be my 6th year attending and performing in Fresno's Rogue and I thought you might enjoy my selections for this year and a recommended schedule for the "movement minded".  Granted, I could easily call this "The Dance Lover's Guide to Rogue" but there is more than dance on this list and I will explain why!

First the Plan:

Friday March 1st
Pizzicato Porno $8 5:00pm at Broken Leg Theater
The Chaser, a one-man, vaudeville musical $10 7:00pm Starline
Secrets $8 8:30pm Severance
NOCO $9 10pm Severance

Reasoning:  Pizzicato Porno has a kick-ass promo image. She is clearly beautiful, and she is from Texas, so I am sure she will appreciate the support early in her run.  The Chaser guy is bald with a joker like smile, I am taking a risk on him, but he is also and out of towner and "vaudeville" is my middle name so I have to go.  Secrets is performed by Martha Kelly Fierro's dance group Altered Modalities, her dancers are brilliant and I have seen her choreography mature and blossom over the last few years in a way a deeply appreciate artistically.  NOCO is the face of the Rogue.  How can you not go? 

Saturday March 2nd
Magical Mystery Detour $10 2:00pm Severance
Ah! That's My Dance Body (MeCo) $10 4:00 pm Severance
Apocalypse Clown $10 5:30pm Starline
CDE at Rogue $10 7:00pm Severance

Reasoning:  The Magical Gemma Wilcox has won Best of Fest 9x. I have yet to see her, and I plan to remedy that.  Ah! That's My Dance Body!  Well clearly I will be there since it is my show.  But you should some to this one because it is our Premier! Then Apocalypse Clown, not far away so we can definitely make it after our show and MeCo loves clowning.  Then return to Severance for CDE another dancr show with the budding talent from Fresno State's Dance dept.

Sunday March 3rd
Master Class with Megill & Company (MeCo) 1:00pm at Cal Arts Academy (Blackstone)
Ah! That's My Dance Body (MeCo) $10 5:30pm Severance

Reasoning:  Need I state the obvious?  MeCo master classes are always a good time.  Meant for everyBODY who wants to enjoy the full experience of dance.

Monday-Thursday:  RECOVER

Friday March 8th
The Bike Trip $10 5:30pm Tower Lounge
A Secret History of the World  7:00pm $10 Dianna's North
A Hole in my Bucket $5 8:00pm Broken Leg Theater
Ah! That's My Dance Body (MeCo) $10 10:00pm Severance

Reasoning: This Bike Trip guy seems pretty charismatic, and I am hoping for a Brooklyn accent. Secret History is a product of one of two clowns/ physical theater artists from last year's show Poe and Mathews, I'm pretty much one of their biggest fans (even though they don't know me).  Then, Hole in my Bucket, because it is dance and references dixieland jazz both of which are a must for me.  Then back to Severance for our show!

Saturday March 9th
Ah! That's My Dance Body (MeCo) $10 1:00pm Severance
What Jazz Can Be $8 4:00pm bloo
Gary Has a Date $10 5:30pm Dianna's North
Ah! That's My Dance Body (MeCo) $10 7:00pm Severance
Rogue Jazz $10 10:00pm Severance

Final day of Rogue! And, it goes so fast!  After our matinee, I plan to head over to see my former FCC colleagues Andre Bush (with guest Mike Dana also from FCC).  They are great musicians and great music educators.  Then back to the realm of physical theater with Gary Has a Date with Emily Winder who plays funny, uptight male characters so very well.  And, after our closing show, we hit the bar for a celebratory drink and head back to Severance for Rogue Jazz. Maybe if I 'm real nice, they will let me tap dance on a tune.  

Total cost:  $128 (FYI I didn't double check the math-- so you should)
Total # of Shows: 14
Total # of Venues: 6
Total amount of Fun: Priceless! (ok, that was dorky, but seriously you are going to have one awesome Rogue Fest.)

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