Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What do the numbers 101, 35 and 10,339 have in common?


And here's how:

You are currently reading my 101st blog post!  Congratulations!  Don't you feel special?  Well, I do, because when I started this blog over 2 years ago, I really didn't know where it was going to take me.  All I knew at the time was that I had something to say, about dance, about life about learning.  And, I needed a forum that was not my classroom and was not my choreography.  Thus was born the Musings by a Dancing Poetess.  You can read my very first post here to see just how crazy I was back then.
Compelled (June 15, 2011)

10, 339
With my 101 posts I have gathered over 10,000 page views! I know this is small potatoes for many bloggers, but it is triumph for me.  I am getting the word out about how dance can improve your quality of life, how growing an appreciation for dance improves your understanding of yourself, society and the world, and how meditation and awareness can be the link to all of the above.  And, a hearty thank you to YOU the reader for helping me get here! I mean, I didn't click on my own link that many times. I mean, geez, I have to a make dances some time! (haha!).

I am well past the 50 day mark in my Year to Live.  Only 35 days to go.  7 weeks.   Not a lot of time, but certainly enough to make it count and soak in the richness that is this lifetime.  I must say I highly recommend this meditative practice as created by Stephen Levine. I have made huge changes in a year because of the simple question. "What do I really want to do?"  I am finding greater joy, asking deeper questions, noticing the passing nature of struggle and challenge and taking more time to support and love those I care about.  Granted, I had my fair share of freak out moments. But, that come with the territory of writing your own personal eulogy (which is my next "assignment"). Yikes!

Of course, these are just numbers. They actually don't mean anything for the future. I could stop writing this blog tomorrow, or you could stop reading it. And, there is no way for me to know how much time I have left in this life.  So, I look at these numbers not as trophies to hang on my wall of accomplishments, but as fuel to keep the engine running, to make the most of my experience and a lasting effect on the world and its inhabitants.  I sometimes say that I am changing the world one dance at a time. I didn't join the peace corps. I didn't open a soup kitchen. But, I am here now reminding you to take life by the hand and leap into your greatest potential.  It won't always be shining and perfect, but it will be authentic and real. 

And, it will be beautiful.


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