Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You are My Witness

Part of blogging for me is about getting ideas organized and out of my head.  Sometimes they are sweet, fun and joyful other times they are thick, heavy and soaked in my mind's slop.   I started this blog because I felt I had something to say, about teaching, dance, meditation, life, whatever. I didn't really know at that point what I was going to write. I just knew I had to take the leap and put my words out there.  But, I didn't want to impose my thoughts on people; so, a blog seemed like a harmless way to put my thoughts out to the world. People could take them or leave them at will. No personal offense taken either way. And, this blog still serves this function.  But, I have since learned it is something more. You are something more.

You are also my witness.

By writing things out, I not only sort them out for myself, but I am held true to my word because I have you as my witness. Although, I may not know all my readers by name. I see that people are reading and this is powerful stuff for me as a mindfulness practitioner. 

In describing my experience of the world to you, I can better see things as they are. By putting my experiences down into this blog, they become more real, because they are real not only for me but now for you as you share in this experience.  I feel bound to be honest because I am honored that you take the time to read.  I know this isn't a new concept, and I am sure there are thousands upon thousands of blog entries saying exactly this (with different words).  But, I am now saying it to you.  I am experiencing this internet sanga for the first time in the first person, and I want to say thank you. 

You give me the gift of being my witness, through the joys and through the shit. 

Life really is like a road trip: always more fun with friends.


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